Stumbling Home Art Book

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“Stumbling Home” is a group exhibition catalog featuring 28 contemporary artists presenting various works from each individual artist presenting an eclectic yet dynamic collection of works in various mediums. The catalog features multiple works from each individual artist featured in the exhibition. Edition of 200.

Aaron Jupin
Colin Taniguchi
Aryo Toh Djojo
Cali Dewitt
Devin Reynolds
Guillaume Ollivier
Henry Fey
Sida (Polo Cutty)
Mario Ayala
Mia Scarpa
Greg Shimada
Paul Flores
Peter Sutherland
Isaac Psalm Escoto (Sickid)
Wilbert Olivar & Lalo Avila Rubi (Terror Supply)
Yudo Kurita
Ozzie Juarez
Brian Lotti
Jason Dill
Sandy Kim
Emma Pryde
Sage Caswell
Dennis Wornick
Chiharu Sei
Frank Ball Jr.
B. Thom Stevenson

104 Pages